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Web Design

web design with social mediaSEO goes hand in hand with good web design. That is to say, without proper web design seo doesn’t work.

The St. Louis SEO Zone is a full service seo and web design company that designs cost effective, seo friendly websites.

Our custom sites are built on a Dynamic WordPress Platform utilizing the most modern and cost efficient technology available.

We are a small team of experienced local St. Louis internet marketers who understand the web and it’s inner workings. More importantly, we understand the need for businesses to have a professional web presence allowing them to capture new leads and customers. Your return on investment is as important to us as it is you.

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Affordable SEO

Online Network of peopleAre you interested in guiding new potential customers to your business website via search engine optimization? What would a steady flow of qualified website traffic mean to your bottom line? SEO is the act of driving targeted visitors to your website using specific technique designed to raise your site’s position in organic or unpaid search.

Why Does SEO Make Good Sense?

Many business owners and managers ignore the idea of paying for SEO services. “It costs too much” is a common rant. But does it really?

To keep it simple, let’s pretend your site currently gets 100 new visitors a day and 10% or 10 of those people on average convert to customers and purchase your product which sells for $30.00.

  • 100 New Visitors x 10% = 10 New Customers
  • 10 New Customers x $30.00 = $300.00 Per Day
  • $300.00 Per Day x 30 Days = $9,000.00 Per Month

Optimal SEO can double your traffic at a minimum and more often than not it will increase your traffic many times over. But for the sake of this example, let’s just say you spend $1000.00 on SEO services and it doubles your traffic.

Now your return on investment looks like this:

  • 200 New Visitors x 10% =20 New Customers
  • 20 New Customers x $30.00 = $600.00 Per Day
  • $600.00 Per Day x 30 Days = $18,000 Per Month

Did the SEO service really cost too much money? No…it actually made you another $8000.00 per month in sales when you deduct the cost of the service.

In this day and age, you are absolutely wasting time, money and effort if you’re web business is not optimized properly for organic search traffic.

The St. Louis SEO Zone provides professional and results driven SEO services for companies interested in marketing their business and/or products online.

In addition, we can provide these services at a much more affordable rate as compared to industry pricing. So don’t let another day go by without proper search engine placement.

Get your business ranked on local, national or International levels. No matter if your business is in St. Louis or Brazil, we can optimize it for you.

We can deliver a significant increase in traffic leading to higher conversion rates and a bigger return on your investment.

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